Handcrafted Silver Pendant with Silver Chain

Make it uniquely yours by engraving it.

Engrave your NEPENTHE Hourglass Pendant and make it uniquely yours.

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NEPENTHE x Paisios

The NEPENTHE Pendant, a collaboration between Nepenthe Events and Paisios Mentesidis, is a tangible representation of both brands’ commitment to quality and uniqueness.

The pendant is inspired and by NEPENTHE’s iconic hourglass logo and the ripples on its surface reflect the time distortion felt through Forgetfulness. 

The customization option allows wearers to engrave the rear side of the pendant so that it resonates personally, making each piece uniquely sentimental.

The NEPENTHE pendant is hand-crafted from sterling silver and oxidized to grant a unique appearance.



Hand Crafted in Greece


Hourglass: Oxidised Silver
Chain: Oxidised Silver


4cm x 2.5cm